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Watt The Firms


  • Building: WATT The Firms Gent
  • Rooms: this certificate covers 7 office rooms in the coworking building
  • Monitored parameters: Temperature, Humidity, Aerosols (PM2.5 & PM2.5), TVOC’s and CO2
  • Ventilation: The rooms are equipped with mechanical ventilation enhanced by biological treatment system
  • Communication: air quality is communicated via QR codes

Certification validity

  • Certification date: 31/1/2021
  • Valid until: 31/1/2022


  • This certificate guarantees good air quality conditions in line with local and international regulations.
  • The Air Quality does not result in acute and/or chronic diseases, cause discomfort and/or affect the well-being of tenants, working personnel and visitors independently from the time spent indoors and the season of the year.
  • The certificate includes air quality diagnosis, permanent monitoring of indoor air pollutants, action and management plans in case of degraded air quality and transparent real-time communication about Air Quality


  • [Diagnosis report Jan 2022]()
  • [Real-Time Air Quality]()

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