AIRscanned Label

The AIRscanned label guarantees good air quality inside. Labelled buildings and organisations achieve this by actively monitoring, improving and reporting about air quality of their buildings. The measurement protocol used by Airscan relies on international standards for air quality measurement and is validated by Vinçotte.

1. Certification

Labelled buildings and organisations have gone through a certification process including an initial air quality diagnosis (in line with ISO 16000 standards) and implementation of improvement measures if required. Permanent air quality monitoring is also implemented including alert notifications in case thresholds are exceeded. Finally a transparent communication strategy is developed including display of real time air quality data to visitors and building users, regardless of the measured concentrations.

2. Guarantee

AIRscanned zones guarantee good air quality based on the latest threshold limits from local regulation, the World Health Organisation, the European Environment Agency and is also supported by relevant recommendations from Green Building Certification Standards (LEED, BREEAM, WELL and U.S. Green Building Council). On an annual base, 85% of the measurements during the operational hours of the building should be under the relevant threshold limit.

3. The protocol

Together with Vinçotte, Airscan developped the AIRscanned protocol. The protocol includes all aspects of air quality management including scope definition, sampling strategy, technology, organisation, management, calibration and communication.

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