Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Meters

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Meters for all types of rooms

Carbon dioxide (CO2) – Temperature – Humidity – Pressure – Movement.

Nowadays, a CO2 meter becomes a more and more important tool of daily life. Carbon dioxide meters are widely used in indoor facilities such as restaurants, cafes, sports centres and event facilities to guarantee sufficient ventilation rates. Our technology provides an NDIR sensor for carbon dioxide measurement with high accuracy and measurement resolution. Airscan product has a long battery lifetime (at least 18 months) and is ideally integrated into the Airscan ecosystem through the LORa network.



Battery life time < 18 months

Proven technologies

High resolution NDIR sensor for CO2 monitoring

Cloud Platform

Integration to the online Cloud Platform through LORa protocol

LED indicator

3 colours indication of the real-time air quality monitoring.

Comfort Parameters

Relative Humidity and Temperature monitoring


Up to date sensors with the maximum accuracy.

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